Thursday, May 28, 2009

You know it's a great day...

when at the first stop you find this great old washtub!!!!! It's huge too. It had a hefty price of $18.00 but I instantly wanted it. I will probably hang it from my shop with all my other buckets.
I knew I would find some more galvanized, I could just feel it!! Alot of the booths at the fleas markets were 50% off. I got a couple of these washtubs for $2.50 or less. I need a few more for my backporch wall and I think I might find a place in my newly painted bathroom.

My mom and dads neighbor have moved to Nashville several yrs. ago and were back looking in on their rental house and had these old screens and sink in the garage. They said I could have them. The screens were way up in the rafters and had about 25 yrs of dirt on them that came raining down on us as we drug them down, but it was worth it. They are great looking!! The sink I'm not sure what I will do with yet. I have seen them used in gardens, heck I might even have the hubby build me a stand for it and use it out in the yard.

A lot of these treasures were on sale too. I loved the two little brushes. I will put those in my bathroom. I have a few shaving brushes to go along with them. The rolling pin will go in some of my old crocks. You can't see them very well but I bought two butter paddles. They were in a booth 1/2 off. Love the old jar and label and I will make another fly screen from the strainer. All in all it was a great day, we ate at Olive Garden , OH! and on the drive home we I guess you could say saved a goats life!! Not to far from home on the highway my mom said oh go back, that goat was hung up in the fence. We turned around, and I said oh by the time we get turned back it will probably have gotten its head pulled back through. Well we pull up and the poor little thing was just bawling for us to help him. We were going to wade across the ditch to push his head through, but the grass was 2 ft. high, probably filled with snakes. So we decided to go on up the road and look for the owners. The poor pitiful goat was just bawling so. We pull up to the farmer sitting on a stool out in his barn and told him the predicament the poor goat was in. He said the state came along and told him he would need to put up a smaller square in the fence then he had, and now the little goats stick their heads in the squares and can't get them back out! He said he would get on his 4-wheeler and go help the little creature out. Poor little guy had probably been standing out there on his hind legs all day trying to get his head out. We made the farmer promise he would go right out there and help him out. My mom prayed for him all the way home. She is probably laying awake right now wondering if that farmer went out there!! Mike and Taylor called tonight, they had just came up from the pool and were headed to their rooms to pack up for the returning flight home tomorrow night. they board the plane about 4:30 and head this way. They sounded so worn out. They both will probably sleep all weekend when they get home. Well there were a few tag sales in the paper in the morning so I had better get to bed. Have a great Friday!


Raggedy Angel said...

I love that tub! I would put a little pumpin it and make a water feature....oh I am soooo iealous!
That really is not a bad price for it. I love the sink too...yeah fill it with flowers! Beth

basketsnprims said...

Love your finds ~ that old tub is wonderful.

Dawn said...

Oh, Beth what a good idea! Hum, and I've always wanted a water feature and the old tub is perfect for the theme in my yard, thanks I need to give this some serious thought! Dawn

Lisa said...

I LOVE ALL OF YOUR FINDS!! Those screen doors are wonderful. Can wait to see what you do with everything. I am especially drooling over that HUGE wash tub. Ah yeah, I could find creative things to do with that bad boy (lol). Thanks for sharing. I too hope that little goat is ok.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What great finds you found...I love the screen doors you sure don't see them anymore I can't wait to see what you do with them.
The wash tub is so neat I've never seen one that big! Have a great weekend!

Cindy B said...

Nice find! I found one the other day also (5.00) but it is a large round one and looks newer. I plan on actually using mine for cleaning garden vegetables in...outside on the cement patio. ,keeping the mess outside. I have posted my enamel ware on my blogthat I have hung on the old fence that surrounds the patio and also have plants inside. I bet your shop is awesome!

At Home With Amy said...

The screendoors are my favorite. I have one in my family room all decorated up. Great buy on the galvanized pieces. I have some hanging on my house on the deck side. I just love the look.
Don't fret about that little goat. Have faith that the farmer had enough love for him that he went and rescued him. There was nothing more you could have done.
Enjoy your tag sales today. Happy shopping.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I love the tub and all the goodies you found. We had a goat that kept getting her head caught in the fence. We ended up going out to the pasture at least once a week to let her loose. I hope the farmer kept his word too.

Take Care,

the primitive country bug said...

Oooh, what great treasures you've found! That tub is just huge~ I can't wait to see what you do with it all. I like the idea of having a sink in your garden. :)
I was catching up on your posts from earlier too. You've been busy, busy and I so enjoy reading your blog.
Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Nice findings.... My favorite the old tub!

wrcdgc said...

WOW! You got some great new goodies there. I love the old tub and sink. I can see some pretty flowers growing in that sink. :)


Carmen C. said...

Oh my, you've struck GOLD there!!! I must find me one of those old washtubs, what an awesome flower bed that would make:)