Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother Nature at her best...

This is what we woke up to on Friday morning about 6am. Quit a little wind we got. I was letting Scooter out and the wind started whipping the tops of the trees and did it howl!! Now here in Kansas we are pretty used to these spring storms popping up but man this one was wicked. Lots of damage around town. But I here we were lucky compared to some smaller towns to the east of us.
We always have a neighborhood brush pile. We own about 3 acres and have a spot to dump down by the road.

This week the city will have tons to pick up. I'm so glad this limb didn't hit my favorite yellow glider. Our neighbors to the west had a tree uproot and land on their pool deck, crushing their deck railing and glass table. Barely missing the house and pool! But what a mess to clean up.

We had this whole tree uproot. It is so wet in this part of our yard we won't be mowing for months. We lost this tree and another that the whole top was gone so we cut the whole thing down. I hate to loose a tree. We worked until 9:00 cutting it up and hauling it to the road with the 4-wheeler and trailer. We were so sore this morning, we could hardly move. Have a great weekend. I hit a few tag sales this morning! Ill have pics to post later!!


Char said...

Wowsers!....I know here in Western PA the wind started whipping up too!...ugh...I hate that the most!...I'd rather it rain!

Ki said...

I can relate. We weathered a big storm on my folks farm in Ocala, Florida a month ago. It made quite the mess. We are still cleaning up. We had loads of rain during the storm, but haven't seen a drop since. Oh, mother nature! Take care and enjoy the rest of spring!