Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Tribute

May everyone have a blessed Memorial Day this morning. I have done some summer tweaking around the house the first few days of our summer break. I took all my white wicker to my moms front porch, she was thrilled with that, and I replaced it with some of my old metal chairs and stools. This is on my back screened in porch. I placed some old re, white and blue vintage books on the little red stool.
I have been enjoying my swinging bed on the porch also. My hubby built it for me late summer last yr. and it's been nice late at night. The other night we had a light rain come through and the sound luld me to sleep. That night he also locked the door for the night, not knowing I was out there!!

This is the wall leading into the kitchen. I painted the leaves on there a few yrs. back and had some bird houses and some ivy in a planter hanging near the door but I have such a weakness for enamelware I thought why not put some on the wall! I love old wire dish drains too~ Notice the table next to the porch swing. That enamel table will be going out in my shop someday. but for now it is a catch all for things I buy at tag sales and have no place for yet.

More enamelware with my favorite geraniums on the deck table. Nothing prettier of more summery for me that a red geranium!

My front porch. I think the red just pops. We have plans to redo this porch. We used porch flooring and want to go with a deck flooring and vinyl railing. Finding to the time to so that has been an issue. The hubby and daughter leave in the morning at 3:00 am for Washington DC on a school trip. 6 adults and 33 -14 yr olds!! Pray they have a safe trip! Well I have a few more pics to share tomorrow! Have a great holiday!


the primitive country bug said...

Oh what a pretty front porch! All your outside decor is so patriotic and beautiful.
Thanks for sharing all your pretty pictures.
Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

Raggedy Angel said...

I was just telling my Mama about your swinging bed the other day...I love it.
I hope Your husband takes his nerve pills! LOL, Beth

Lisa said...

Ah, that swinging bed looks GREAT!! Your porch looks so relaxing and peaceful and it is very pretty. What a nice retreat!!

Barb J. said...

This looks beautiful and relaxing - and I love Americana decor!

Rosemary said...

I absolutely love your swinging bed!

Everything just looks so pretty and fresh!

Thanks for sharing,

This Country Girl said...


You porch looks SO inviting! I love the very favorite! I love how you use your enamelware!

I wanted to thank you again so much for the sunflower ornies you sent awhile back! I'm really enjoying them on my dining room table!


cynthialeedesigns said...

Love your porch and the swing bed!!