Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring at my house...

has been coming along. A few geraniums here and there. I placed my little red ladybug boots in an old red wagon with a geranium out in the oval with two old metal chairs.

This arrangement is in front of our deck. Since forever we had large yews planted here and last summer I pulled them all out and planted clumps of maiden grass in its place. The grass is still small so I thought about placing some old things in the area to fill in. Well I kind of like the old things, but I know the grass will get really big and tall in a couple yrs.
This seatless chair is on my deck next to the patio door. I found it at a flea market this winter. I'm still looking for an enamelware pan that fits perfectly, this one will have to do for now. I have some antique gardening tools inside the pan. I placed my cute yellow boots with the red geraniums. I plan on planting some ivy in the boots. I took them out to the garage the other day and drilled drainage holes in the bottom of them. I love to use yellow and red in my yard!

Here's the old metal chairs with the little red wagon again in the oval. I bet I have ten old metal chairs around the yard. I cannot pass them up. I have seen them in antique malls for 40-50 $. I have never pd over 5$ for one.

Another shot of the deck area. I'll have to remove some of the junk as the grasses get fuller. Well tomorrow I will hit Lowes for some ferns for the front porch. Today I took an early lunch to get to an advertised sale at a local nursery. Ferns were 10$, flats of perennials were 15 and 30$ I got there 2 1/2 hrs after they opened and they were out of ferns. Bummer. I bet Lowes have some. Well I need to get some laundry done. Taylor has her cousin Brooke over to spend the night. They are in there watching a movie, giggling so loudly, I could hardly hear. Have a great Saturday!


This And That For Sale said...

Very charming.

wrcdgc said...

Everything looks so inviting. I love it all. I agree red and yellow make a yard pop.


Debbie @ said...

Absolutely adorable. I love all of it. You showed many of my favorite things too. I just love your decor! Hey congratulations to your daughter...what an exciting honor!

Leann said...

I love how you use the vintage things outside too! Everything looks great!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love it'll find a basin for the chair soon I'm sure:) Love the geraniums and the boots!

Denise said...

Everything looks so springy! Love the ladybug boots!


Floral Still Life said...

Why don't you put a place on your blog for "followers?" You have such interesting things. Today, I went to the nursery and looked at all the different geraniums, but came home empty handed. I did post on my blog, however, a still life image I had done earlier on some pink geraniums. Drop by and "smell the flowers" at