Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cat and Mouse games...

My kitty just loves to cuddle when I am on the computer. She usually gets right in my face or sits in front of the screen as I am typing. Her name is Mocha. She is a pretty kitty!!
Taylor got her braces off this week. Missed a track meet to do it, but she thought it was worth it! She had retainers for 2 yrs., hoping we wouldn't have to have braces, but she did. She had braces about 18 mths.

Here we are having them taken off. It took 1 1/2 hrs. They took them off then, scrapped the cement off. Polished them. Then cemented a permanent retainer to the back of the bottom teeth, took impressions of her teeth for top retainers that are clear that she will wear for three months and one at night. Oh my!! I really feel for her. I have never had a cavity, let alone retainers. Poor Taylor had the snaggilyist teeth.

But now she has the prettiest smile. Yea!!!! Here she is looking at herself in the dentists mirror. She liked what she saw!
I have a personal day coming to me tomorrow. So I am taking the day off and heading to Joplin Mo. to the thrift shops. I will drop Taylor off at school and then she is going to a sleepover with her cousin to a motel with 4 other girls. So I have the day to myself!!! Don't you ever just like to shop by yourself! I do. I'm headed to my favorite flea market first thing and then on to Joplin to Hobby Lobby, and then Connie's Flea Market. It's huge! I hope to hit several thrift stores on the main street. I will try to take pics. It has been raining here with some local flooding. I hope all roads are passable. I'm taking a back road and some of the places have low lying areas. I do have GPS in the Suburban, so if I have to take another route I will. It's suppose to rain all afternoon and all next wk. I am tired of rain. I want to see some sun!!!!!! Well I had better get to bed, a fun day for me tomorrow! I hope to post lots of good finds on my day out!


Raggedy Angel said...

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of good finds!
Mary-Kate (my baby girl) is getting braces this Summer.
I love all your Spring pics too.

Lisa said...

Your kitty is pretty and your daughters teeth are beautiful. I had braces as well, but had to wear mine for about 5 years along with a few surgeries. Oh, I remember the day where they took mine off. It was so weird feeling how smooth they were. A beautfiul smile to go with a beautiful daughter!!

At Home With Amy said...

Your daughter looks beautiful. What a pretty new smile. My daughter will be getting her braces off in July hopefully. She has not been wearing her rubber bands and that is the final step in her brace journey. Her teeth have improved 100% in looks thank goodness.

Enjoy your time out this weekend. I hope the sun comes out and shines down on you and all roads you pass are dry.

Prim Hugs,

In His service, Anne said...

Your daughter is beautiful! What a great smile, of course I'm partial to freckles since I have them too!!
God Bless

wrcdgc said...

What a beautiful smile. Your kitty Mocha is like our cat Pepper but he does that with my daughter.


This Country Girl said...


Mocha is a cutie!

And Taylor DOES have a beautiful smile....she's pretty both ways! I know she's glad to have them removed though!

And Dawn, thank you SO much for the surprise gift in the mail! You really just made my day! Sunflowers are my favorite flowers and those are perfectly prim! I am going to post them soon, but I wanted to come thank you! That was SO sweet of you! My whole family was impressed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)

Hope you have a fun time on your thrifing trip too! Have a wonderful weekend!


Denise said...

Taylor looks so pretty! My oldest granddaughter is getting her braces this summer.