Saturday, March 28, 2009

We were suppose to wake up to snow..

this morning but it didn't some in until early afternoon. I pulled in what few geraniums I had potted. But I'm concerned about my lilac, peonies, and all the things in my flower beds. We are predicted to get 3-6 inches. But later on in the week we are to see 50- 60's. Go figure this Kansas weather. This morning I did a little tweaking around the kitchen. Added some enamelware up on the shelf above my kitchen window with my pitchfork. Then I painted up some of the TS cutting boards to be put in a cheese box on my window sill. Well my niece is coming over here with her prom date to take pictures in front of the fireplace. Yes, can you believe it a prom in the snow. And yes, it is early, too early. Ill post pics later of the prettiest prom date ever!

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This Country Girl said...

The weather IS crazy! We have rain, cold and wind with thunderstorms off and on! It's a dreary day here!

I love the cutting boards! I have a few I'm redoing today as a matter of fact. I like where you put yours!

Have fun photographing the prom couple!