Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paint Table and Chair~Check: Flooring ~Check

Ok Ladies, I'm going to have to go back to work just to rest up! I have worked my tail off this week. we finally have both rooms done, the new flooring is down in Taylor's room with new fresh paint on the walls. We will be looking for bedding and curtain. and now she wants a mirror and dressing table. We may run to Tulsa on Sat. and look for something! the dining room floor is laid, trim is back on, nail holes filled in and paint touched up. New weather stripping on the patio door today, the hubby is so good. The flooring looks different colors on the blog but its the same. I've moved all my decor back in the dining rm. My house is back in order. Ya!!!!! So today about 11:00 I decided to start painting my dining rm table and chairs! It had a little gloss on them so I had bought liquid deglosser from Lowe's. That was easy enough. On to the painting. Oh the time is took to paint the spindles. I said a hundred times, I should have sprayed it. Ugh!!!! I started out using a sponge brush. After two chairs and two hrs. I switched to a reg. paint brush. Oh much better. I finished up about 6:00. It took two coats and then I sanded it to age it and then sprayed a matte finisher on it to seal it a bit. I love how it turned out but I wouldn't do it again. It took forever. Mike kept coming through the back porch asking, what # chair is that? I was so sick of painting. It does look nice in my dining rm with the new darker floor and my pie safe has the same black finish on it. My mom came over while I was painting and said " your painting your furniture black? we don't have the same taste. She likes my taste but she said if she put my stuff in her house it wouldn't look as good. I'm glad that task is over, I had planned on doing the table and chairs this summer, now I'm done!!!!I do have some TS goodies to paint up, do I dare start that tomorrow? The weather here has been perfect. 75-80 today was a little cooler, but good painting weather. My spring break week is winding down. We want to take off on Sat. and go to some flea markets in Tulsa, maybe hit Target. Well tomorrow will be my 100th post. I have my giveaway goodies ready, I have a cool tooth brush bracelet to post about tomorrow, yes, I said tooth brush bracelet!! Oh , well in 15 min. it will be tomorrow! Off to bed I go!


Lisa said...

Your floors look great and your table is GREAT!! My table is black right now, but when I painted it last summer I just spray painted it and it is chipping and looking pretty bad so my summer project is to re-do it - now that I know what I am doing now (lol).

Get some have been a busy bee!

This simple Life said...

Awesome floor..

Best thing about prim decorating. 90% of the time all you need is paint. Table looks great.

Leslie said...

The flooring looks great and I LOVE your new black table and chairs :) We put laminate down in our kitchen and living room last summer. It was a lot of work but totally worth it. I'm still loving it :)

Lisa mentioned something that I find to be true...spray paint may be easier to apply but it doesn't seem to be as durable as paint you brush on. So while it's more work, it usually is more worth it!

Have a great weekend!


angie said...

everything looks great!

Bren said...

Everything looks great! Love the table. Can't wait to hear about the toothbrush bracelet, too.
Enjoy Spring!
Hugs, Bren

Annie said...

WOw! The floor looks great!

Re: Your question - To make your font into papyrus, if i remember correctly, as it took a long while for me to figure it out by trial and error, go into page layout, choose the edit html tab.

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Good luck! :)

CozyCoops Corner said...

You've been busy! The floors and table look wonderful! Have a good weekend!

Denise said...

The floors look so nice!! I would love to paint my table and chairs black, but they are antique and my husband would not be pleased!! Yours turned out beautiful. Have fun shopping and fleaing this weekend!

Have a great day, Denise

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Hi, Your floors look fabulous!! And you did a wonderful job on your table and chairs. I have been wanting to paint my kitchen table and chairs in black, its on my to-do list!! Thanks for checking out my blog. Things have been crazy around here the past week... but hopefully soon I will be back in the groove of things. Have a great prim-filled day!~ Tammy

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Wow - that looks so wonderful and the table and chair makeover is great too. I missed so many posts I am still catching up!