Friday, February 27, 2009

Tag Sale Fundraiser

I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted last. I have had time to catch up on most of your blogs, but didn't have much to add lately! In the morning I am involved in a fundraiser tag sale/bake sale. My daughter and many of her 8th grade classmates are taking a class trip to Washington DC the end of May. My husband Mike is going along with several teachers and other parents. We have already paid their way but have been involved in some fundraiser for some spending money! I know they will have a blast. Mike has been to Washington DC before. He enjoys all that history so much. I'm so relieved he is going with her. She has never flown before. In the morning we are having a lg. tag/bake sale. Anything you sell at your table is your own profit! I set up this evening, so I won't have to get there so early. I have a few things from my craft show I took~and then just some odds and ends. I am going to help my mom get one done this summer. She is due for a big one. I usually have one every other yr. or so. I really didn't have much to sell. Well I am getting close to my 100th post. I have all my goodies ready for my giveaway! I have been working hard on it! Everyone be watching! Have a great weekend~

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