Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Swap Goodies!!

Ladies, I just wanted to drop a post and let you see what I received in the mail today from Terry for my Valentine swap!! Don't you just love the penny wool eggs. Terry, you did a great job, the stitching is flawless and the colors are perfect for my living room! I was so excited to reach the mailbox this afternoon, I turned the car off in the driveway and opened my package there. My daughter was saying Mom lets get to the house first! I said No I've been waiting for this all week. thanks again Terry, I love them. I took a few pictures of some things in my bathroom I made up this weekend. I made a Washroom label for the bucket on my washstand. I have a couple towels and a grater with a few old clothes pins tied with old twine. the other picture is a granite ware bowl with some coffee stained clothes and a couple grater and clothes pins, then, it probably wasn't the correct way to do this, but I grunged up a few bars of ivory soap. I painted them with modge podge and dipped them with cinnamon and modge podged them again. It works for my purpose~ they kind of look like old lye soap~ I have this sitting on the sink counter. Well I'm posting this during commercials of American Idol. Running back and forth. Gotta go, it's back on, you ladies have a great evening and thanks again to Terry for the great swap goodies!!


Terry said...

You are so welcome! I was hoping you would get them today. I'm so tickled they fit in with your decor.
I love that washroom bucket! That is so cute! You'll have to tell me again who you ordered your labels from. I wrote it down once, but can't seem to find it.

Janene said...

Terry did a great job on those eggs!
I should have joined in on that swap...but I am not as crafty as the rest of you!
I love how your grunged up ivory soap turned out. I would like to try that!
I love the wash tub...very very prim!

Lisa said...

I love your Wash Room Bucket and the label. Did you make that label yourself or who did you buy them from? Your eggs are very cute as well. Perfectly prim!!

~ Lisa

primitive basketcase said...

I love your eggs. Terry did an awesome job. I love your bucket, your soaps, everything.

wrcdgc said...

I love the eggs! I also love your label. Did you make it or purchase it? I am loving all the labels but I'm not sure where everyone is getting them.


Stellar Creations said...

I love what you did, you are quick and crafty.. lol. I love the stitcheries.. the soap, wash bucket.. graters.. yup.. everything.


Raggedy Angel said...

Oh I love those eggs...your display looks great! Beth

Ki said...

Love the washroom bucket! It is fun to visit your blog! I now feel like I just had coffee with you and your friends!

Debbi said...

I'm gonna have to try the soap idea, love it. I've been making my own labels also, aren't they great?

Carmen said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to congratulate you on all those wonderful goodies! I LOVE that washbucket, I may have to make me one of those, have a great day!

Kath said...

Oh wow-I love your bucket and label and everything else! :)
Love your eggs...Terry did a wonderful job!


UPON A HILL said...

Everything looks really geat. I have a love for graniteware & galvonized things. I love what you did with your bucket!

Rosemary said...

How cute is that bucket???

And I love the Easter Eggs!

Thanks for sharing!

Felicia said...

Those eggs are so cute :)