Friday, January 9, 2009

What a Long Week!

This first week back from winter break was a long one. I'm so ready for a weekend. I am a para in a special needs classroom and the kids are always ready to come back to school. It is sometimes the only routine they have, and most of our autistic kiddos love that routine! My husbands been on vacation this past week. I know, why couldn't he have been off when we were? He is a district sales manager for Sara Lee Bread Co. and holidays are no time for him to take off. This vacation was one he needed to take from 08. He has had that yucky flu bug the past couple days. I think he's feeling better tonight. What a way to spend a few vacation days. I've been stitching away upstairs in my craft rm. I made a little homespun towel for my old cabinet door in the kitchen, and yes, I am richly blessed! The little snowman hanger I saw one similar in a shop and put my own twist on. I sewed a twig for his nose. The other projects are some mats I've been wanting for the TV cabinet. I have glass shelves and I've never had anything under my collectibles. The picture is our family Christmas picture last yr. The little wooden angel is from my SIL to Taylor since she plays the flute. I thought it would be pretty in the cabinet. I have four shelves on each side of the TV. All four mats are different but match each other on the other side. The last two mats I need to coffee stain tomorrow. I have so enjoyed all of the photos and slide shows of everyones holiday decorating! I study them. Love to enlarge and look at all the details! Your homes are wonderful. I love getting ideas from you all. I know I want to expand my collection of old cutting boards and whisk brooms, crocks, just lots of things I notice in your homes that I want to look for and do! It so fun. Well, if the hubby sleeps better tonight, Ill sleep better, even the dog was up several times last night!! Have a great winter weekend.


Tolentreasures said...

I love all your stitching! Love the twig on the snowman's nose, what a great idea!
I know what you mean about the first week back, it was so long!


Cindy B said...

Very nicely done and displayed. I am like you in that I love seeing all the wonderful ideas in decorating with handmades and collectibles. ...always so inspiring out here in blog land isn't it! Love the way you did the jars also.
Working with special needs children is work for a very patient young lady. I am mom to a son with DS and always appreciated the many people that gave such time and effort to help him in school.( and many are blessed to have you!)

basketsnprims said...

Dawn, love your stitching and snowman. Hope your hubby is feeling better.


Linda said...

I hope you Dh feels much better so you all sleep beter. I love looking at everyones decorating too - we can always use a new idea!

Janene said...

You have been very busy! And they look really nice!
I too enlarge pictures to study the I did yours with your family photo...You and your daughter are very pretty! And hubby is good looking too!
Thanks for sending us some of your eye is always a pleasure!

wrcdgc said...

I loved everything but my favorite is the snowman. Now that's way too cute.


Denise said...

I love the snowman hanger. So cute! I sure hope your hubby is feeling better.

Terry said...

I love that snowman! Great job!
I hope your hubby is feeling better soon. I had it twice, and it's rough.
I love to study everyones decorating and hand-dids too. It's so inspiring.
Hope you had a nice weekend!