Monday, January 19, 2009

A Day Off

Hello Ladies, I had a long weekend off. Today I got alot done. The daughter spent the night with a friend, the husband went off to work. I picked up my house and it stayed picked up!! I cleaned out sock and underwear drawers. God love her, but when the daughter does laundry she cant seem to get all the socks to match up. So today, I matched up all socks and threw out the oddballs. Sorted the file cabinet 08 receipts and cleaned up my messy craft room. I have been piling up quite a mess during the holiday season. I really have a nice space up there but realized I only had a tiny desk top area to work because of all the clutter. I had material stacked a mile high. Now I can see more desk area. I'm in the finished attic. The front part is my craft area, with a large counter top area and a large table top behind that. Then there is another room just like my craft area that stores all my Christmas and suitcases, seasonal clothes and next yr. rummage sale stuff. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. I just can't think clearly when my stuff is out of order. I got a light box for Christmas. I love it. I can transfer patterns onto material nicely. No more holding it up to the window.Haha
I have finished a few more samplers. Coffee stained a couple. Figured I'd sew this winter and look for frames this summer at tag sales! I ordered some papyrus stencils and labels off of eBay. I got the stencils, still waiting on the labels. Should be getting those Tues. or Wed. Ill post then! Well I weighted in again tonight at WW. Ive lost 7 lbs. in two wks. Id like to loose 45 lbs before my 45th birthday in May! If I could try for 10lbs a month. This wk seemed to be alittle bit easier. I'm still hungry alot. My Mom and I go together. We stay for the meetings. I don't get much out of them. I get more momentum if I loose. the first week I only lost 3 1/2 lbs. and I cried all the way home. My first wk. I was hoping for 5lbs. but if I can consistently lose each wk. I'm happy. Those ladies at the meetings, AH! they talk about what triggers emotional eating? Well I could eat all the time. I'm not craving sweets I want some real food. I'm not one to make a weeks meal plan. I wish I could. And I'm bad about fixing them something and then fixing me something different. I don't know, its just such a battle. Well I have school tomorrow, I had better get to bed. have a great week everyone. Hey, we'd take some of that snow here in Kansas I love snow days at home. We have not had one good snow yet this winter. And we usually do by now. It means we will be having snow in April now. LOL!


Tolentreasures said...

I love your craft area, what a great place to work! Isn't it nice to spend a whole day at home doing what you want to do, when you want to do it? Good Luck with WW, I think that I am joining tomorrow. Have never gone to it before.


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

I am so pround of you for the weight you have lost already! Goodness knows loosing even a pound is a monumental event!! Keep it up!!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I love your craft area you have such a great place to work. I am off here in a bit to go clean my daughters drawers out and do some organizing. I am ready for spring but I am thinking along the same lines as you that we may have snow in April.....we are in Missouri!

CozyCoops Corner said...

I just love it when everyone at my house is gone and I can get lot's done around here ! You're craft space is great ~ I'd love a room like that! Great job on your weight loss~ keep going ~you can do it! Today is the day I start writing everything down that I eat, counting calories, and working out. I want to lose 50 pounds by July. Shouldn't be to hard if I stick with the plan ! :-) Have a great day Dawn !

Linda said...

Great job on the wieght loss and what a nice big space to craft!!

Janene said...

I have been having the hardest time getting onto your blog site!
But I am finally here! Yeah me!!
Congratulations on the fantastic job losing weight! I'm not sure if I am a WW girl! I get a lot of support from my blog! Plus it saves me money! LOL
You had asked me about my redo...I should have sanded the piece first, I highly recommend it! I dry brush the piece...which means I use very little paint and just brush it across gently, with the grain. If I have too much paint, I use a paper towel and remove some. I stay away from the edges where normal wear would occur.
After it dries I rub in dark paste wax. I will post about that tomorrow on my blog.
If you have any other questions that I have missed please contact me again. You can email me any time at
If you want to have a chance to make some $$ think about joining our weekly "Take it Off" Challenge. Read some of my older posts to get the details. We would love to have you!

Picket said...

Morning girl..time to rise & shine! I came by to tell you that you have won my 100th post give away!!!! Yahoo! lol Please e-mail me your address...
Congrats to you sweetie and thanks so much for coming by and celebrating with me!

basketsnprims said...

Dawn, you do have a wonderful craft area to work in. Way to go on that weight loss. About that basket, as soon as I get done with the kitchen I will be selling from my blog or opening an etsy, not sure which, but I will remember that you want one. Have a wonderful weekend.


Back in the Day said...

Your craft room is great! So much more room than I have - I am jealous! Congrats on the weight loss so far!