Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pretty Kitty

Hey girls, here's a picture of our kitty, Mocha! She was sitting so pretty in a galvanized bucket

I decorated. I actually just placed some fabric inside the bucket and tied the ends, added a star and bell garland and a star magnet. The bucket is setting on a table in our entryway. A cutie putie!! Have a great evening!

Back from the Roadtrip

Well, we made it back from the Dallas area, thanks for all your prayers and comments. We stopped at a couple roadside flea markets and tag sales but didnt find anything to drag home. Mike always says that a sign we have to much!! Can you every have to much? We got home to a little summer storm, had a few limbs down. Thats a given at our house, we always have a brush going. I need to start the laundry, enroll the wee one in school today. I have meetings two days next week and school starts August 14. I can remember as a kid it didnt start until after Labor Day. Those days are over. Taylor is ready to be in the midst of her friends again! Well girls have a great day and enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello everyone, have been out of town all day. Took my daughter for her school sports physical and did a little shopping. Did you know you cant get out of American Eagle with a back pack and 2 shirts for under 75.00! Well, here is a project I finished. I had bought 3 wooden paddles and this box at a tag sale and I have primed them. I think they turned out cute. Than I found a couple of graters and wrapped grunged material and string with a couple tags. They were fun to make!!

Tomorrow the hubby and I leave at 3am to drive straight through to Arlington Tx. to pick up a suburban he bought. I follow him back. Yea, a 10, 11 hr drive, there and back, not looking forward to that. Do pray we have a safe trip. Hate being out on the highways. He promised interstate there and backroads back, might find a flea market or something!! Im hoping! Well have a great evening. Dawn

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend stuff 3

Sorry again, I didnt mean to download two pic of the coop but forgot the add the pic of the playhouse. Bare with me I'm new and not to great on the computer. This other outbuilding is my potting shed. We keep the mowers and lawn stuff in there. Hubby is getting ready to add on, he bought a new mower that pulls behind the 4 wheeler to mow our ditches with. They are very steep. I love to mow, we have a big commercial mower, its therapy for me, since we have 3 acres, it takes me about 1 1/2 hrs. Ill go ahead and send some of the yard pics too and little grouping i have on my deck. Sorry this seems so disorganized today. Thanks for looking today, have a great one!!

Weekend stuff 2

Sorry ladies i hit the wrong button, heres the pics!

Hi everyone, its been a busy weekend, hot but we did have some rain. My yard can use it. We have a nice spring fed well that I water the yard and flowers with, but when it can come from the good Lord, Ill let him! Had a busy week end finished the set of prim jars. I love how they turned out. Jars and box came from tag sales. I printed in fabric and grunged the tags. It sits in my tv cabniet. The little red basket. What a find. We took a trip to Branson three wks ago and went to a 5 and 10 store. Nothing cost 5-10 anymore, but it had the old original counters and flooring. On top of each isle shelf were old old washing machines, ect. Just had lots of vintage items not for sale but on display. Anyway, as you enter the store they had old displays these old red fabris and metal basket you took one to shop with. Ask if they were for sale. Oh no those have belong to the original old store. I was so dissappointed. Went home the next weekend and ther in the bottom of a box was this basket for 3.00! Yea!! took it home, I thought it would be perfect for the 4th of July. The chicken coop was a great fing at a tag sale, pd 25.00 for it hubby took it home and put it on legs and roofed it for me. I need to find some stuffed chicken. It sets out buy the playhouse/now turned into pool stuff storeage. The wee one has outgrown the playhouse Daddy built her. The other box and jar display sits on a sofa table in the living rm.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The last three are still of my pool. I know there is a different way for me to show all of these at one post. Tammy told me to cut and paste, I havent practiced that yet. Bare with me, this is my daughter Talyor and our decoy duck Daffy, my hubby brought home one day. He jokingly said we could wake up oneday to a whole flock of ducks in the pool!! The next two are of some more of my treasures. i love the oar i have hanginf from the roof! Well i had better get up from this chair and get something dome. I have some sampler stitching taking up room on the kitchen table i need to finish. Check back with me later, thanks girls!! dawn

These next few photos are of our pool. i knid of have an old fishing shack theme going. I have collected old minnow buckets, oars, nets,ect. We cane back from a vacation in Grove Ok. one day with the idea of the corner shade area. So for the remainder of our time off, we built the roof. I have been looking for a boat all summer. Asking even total strangers, driving around on Sun. evenings in rural areas looking for an old junk rowboat and on the 4th of July cookout. I was mentioningit to my sil and her dad spoke up and said Oh i have one out behind my barn. OMG! we went right out there the next night and its just what I wanted!! I love it and get lots of comments on it. I love that we used the old pulleys to look like we secured it to the railings. I used old pulleys on the deck to and ole lanterns. We really enjoy it. Its always full of my daughter and her friends. Its fun at night to go out there, turn on the lights and just read!

The next three pics are of yard decorations. I bought these vintage bikes at yard sales. The green one I pd. $2.oo for. I couldnt get my money out fast enough and load it up! I like to decoratedin small setting in my yar. My hubby one day brought home a pickup load of old fencing someone was going to pitch. Ive placed it around the yard. I live on a main highway on the edge of town. We get a lot of traffic, have had people stop to take photos and even had a girl wanted to have her senior pics taken out by one of my swings. One time a women stopped and asked to take pics of my yard for her photography class. She spent about 2 hrs. out there and a few days later Ifound a picture of one of my bikes and old chair she had framed and left with an old tool box. I couldnt believe it!

Yard Photos

Hello everyone, My photos today are of the outside of my house. This first one is the front porch. I enjoyed decorating for the fourth of july. I love the old sleds Ive found at yard sales. The tea stained flags I won. I entered the Country Sampler Hidden Easter Egg Contest this past spring and I WON the grandprize, $1000.00 worth of merchandise from the websit. Ive not spent all of it waiting for Christmas stuff to be added. but the flags came from the website. Ill share so of my other purchases with you all.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back Porch

This photo is next to my swinging bed. I had to move out some wicker to make room for the bed, but I still have a chair and a swing along with the grill. I saved about 30 window frames from the landfield this summer. Somebody sat them to the curb and I have used them all over my house and yard. I hung a couple inside the screen panels on my porch. I just love them. I even hung one in a tree. I will have to go out and take some of my yard. Im pretty proud of it. Please be patient with me, this blogging is all new to me and Im trying to figure out how to add text to the photo and all. thanks to Tammy from Country girl at Home. I have come this far. Its so fun!!

Screened in Back Porch

This is a picture of my back porch and the swinging bed by husband made me for my birthday in may. I showed him a pic. and he got right to work. he is pretty hand with the tools. I just love it. Its so nice to come out here in the evening and read or just listen to the owl.

My Living Room

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Newby Blogger

Hey girls, I have no idea what Im doing. Im interested in beginning a blog and show photos. I hope I have created the blog ok, but still have no idea how to bring in the photos? any help out there? Dawn