Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day After

Good Morning, Well its the day after, the day after actually! We got up yesterday and went out on our annual search for a bargain. We found plenty. My mom, SIL, her neighbor and myself headed up to our local craft shop for the 1/2 off sale. We stood in line to get in the door for 20min. Got in and found gobs! I found garland and wooden candy canes, and a few ornaments. Then we went on to a shop a few miles away where we found even more. My SIL and I get gift cert. for each other and then spend it at this shop. we agreed we'd do the same next yr. As we loaded our treasures in the back of the suburban we said "Merry Christmas!" There we found more garland, snowmen and Santa's for next yr. We each bought the large swag with the bell. The new sampler pillows came from there too. We then went on to another nearby town and scoured the flea markets. There I found the cute old metal stool for less than 10.00,by the fireplace and my new doll. I love her, she was more than 50% off. I got the old slaw shredded for Christmas. I plan on placing some garland on it and a candle. Ill post later. The last pic is of the girls on Christmas morning. We all get up and meet at mom and dads to open presents and then everyone goes home to put their things away and later met at my house for Christmas dinner. I had about 13 people over. We ate ourselves silly and then settled in for a movie. It was a great day. Its been extremely warm here the past two days. Yesterday it was in the 70's, today is rainy and still pretty warm. Doesn't seem like winter, but Oh it will get cold again! Were driving to the flea market and Nancy spotted an old white porcelain sink in a back yard. we stopped and asked if he wanted to get rid of it? He asked the wife, she had been wanting him to put it in the basement forever. I offered him 10.00 and a buddy behind him said Id ask 50.00 I said no I wouldn't give 50. He said no I think Ill hang onto it. I bet if the buddy hadn't been there we would have brought that home with us! We did have that suburban loaded though! Nancy had bought an old washtub on legs and with all our treasures we loaded down. As we unloaded at Nancy's, her husband Frank said you made one trip with all this? We said yes Frank and what happened in the suburban, stays in the suburban!! It was a fun day. I'm home today to put away somethings. Ill probably put up my ornaments, but keep out the trees and lights and snowmen for awhile! Have a great weekend, I have all next week off for winter break!!


cynthialeedesigns said...

Hi Dawn,
Sounds like you had lots of fun...and got some great deals. I love the stitcheries and your doll.
Have a Happy New Year,

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Dawn!

What wonderful finds & at great prices. Love it all.


Linda said...

I decided to skip the sales this weekend- I really don't 'need' anything - but I 'want' so it was hard. You got some great finds!!

Have a great weekend!

This Country Girl said...

Hi there Dawn,

It sounds like you got some great bargains the day after Christmas. I didn't go out and will probably wish that I had!

Your girls are all adorable!

I wanted to thank you for all your visits to my blog and for the kind comments on the kitchen! I appreciate them all!

Have a great week!

Connie W said...

Finding after-Christmas stuff on clearance is so fun.

Kath said...

Hi Dawn!
thanks for stoppin by my blog! Your girls are beautiful! :)
Love your blog...I'll add to my blogroll-so I'm sure to stop back!

Happy New Year to ya!
I wish you all the best in 2009!


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh that just sounds like my kind of day!

Bren said...

Sounds like you had a Great time. I love the doll!
Happy New year to you and yours.

Hugs, Bren

Raggedy Angel said...

Sounds like a great trip....great finds! HNY! Beth

This Country Girl said...

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for thinking of me with the Internet Cafe Devotion site. I loved it. I'm saving it my favorites on my computer so I can check it out often!


Debi said...

Hello Dawn dear,
I hope you had as much fun as it sounds like you did!!I love those cinnamon rolls!! Please tell me where to find them!! I bet they smell wonderfully!!