Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Neewollah is here!

Ladies, first off some help. I was browsing the post the other night and ran across a sampler with primitive sunflowers and the word sunflower underneath. Does anyone have that pattern. I spent my lunch hr. quickly looking for it. maybe someone has seen it also? We are off school for the next two days!!!!! So tomorrow I hope to get some things done. I'mpsting a few photos. Taylor in her cheerleading outfit. The Sunday paper with the highlights of the upcoming Neewollah activities this wk. Tonight is the opening night of the carnival rides but its been rainy all day, so we just ordered a pizza. Tomorrow is the DOO DAH parade. The last few pics are of the Mile Fun Run and Chili Cook off, marking the beginning of the festivities. On Sun. Taylor took part in that run! Well catch up with you later!

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Leslie said...

That's right...I remember someone mentioning the big festival around Halloween in their town. Sounds like fun :)

If you can't find your pattern, try doing a search for sunflower coloring pages. I know I saw a page of sunflowers at some point while I was digging through coloring pages looking for something interesting. You can use those for patterns, too. Then just write Sunflowers underneath in your own handwriting and follow it :)

Have a great day!