Monday, October 27, 2008

Simple Needs Giveaway

Ladies, Kim at Simple-needs is having her 100th giveaway. Check it out and you might just win!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finished Projects

Just a quick post, I finished these two projects this weekend. The sampler pattern I got from Homeberries

site. It made up fast and the frame came from my summer finds at tag sales. The magazine rack was also another tag sale find. It was white and I painted and aged it. Enjoy the rest of your beautiful fall Sunday!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Parade Day

Happy Fall To Ya'll,

Today is the big Neewollah Grande parade, I have just a few minutes to post a few pics of the kiddies parade yesterday. the weather was nippy, but lots of little kiddo entered the parade downtown. The first few are of cousins in their cheerleading outfits along with "Cousin Mongo".
Taylor and cousin Brooke playing thier flutes in the IMS Middle School band!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Day Off Projects!

Hi everyone, its already late tonight, but i wanted to post what I have been working on today as I had the day off. I started the jean shirt on Wed. night and finished it up today. I have made tons of applique shirts and sweatshirts in the past few yrs. and sold them at school. i had a few shirts left in my stock and I will try to get them stitched up for my Dec. 6th craft show. I have lots of patterns I have drawn up. I always
like to add a little something on the back of the shirt too. the sampler I did today. Leslie from My Country Home posted a site with some free samplers, Homeberries and I copied off several. I think I can stain and frame this tomorrow! the other picture is of an old window frame I bought at a tag sale. It had a pressed flower in the glass along with the towel rack. I took out the glass and added a chalkboard. I think I will add it to my craft stuff. Well its late and I need sleep!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Neewollah is here!

Ladies, first off some help. I was browsing the post the other night and ran across a sampler with primitive sunflowers and the word sunflower underneath. Does anyone have that pattern. I spent my lunch hr. quickly looking for it. maybe someone has seen it also? We are off school for the next two days!!!!! So tomorrow I hope to get some things done. I'mpsting a few photos. Taylor in her cheerleading outfit. The Sunday paper with the highlights of the upcoming Neewollah activities this wk. Tonight is the opening night of the carnival rides but its been rainy all day, so we just ordered a pizza. Tomorrow is the DOO DAH parade. The last few pics are of the Mile Fun Run and Chili Cook off, marking the beginning of the festivities. On Sun. Taylor took part in that run! Well catch up with you later!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Potting Shed

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a wk. I hate that. Yesterday I hung around the house cleaning up and finishing odds and ends. Don't you just sometimes have to do that? I finished putting butcher paper on the back of my samplers. Cleaned my craft rm. up a bit. Ill have to post some photos of that sometime, its a mess tho. Ive made some snowmen for my booth this wk. Mike took a wks vacation last wk to work on the potting shed. He will about double it when finished. The back part will be for mowers and the 4 wheeler and garden stuff. The front I'm going to make into a shop this next yr. Its in the back part of our property. Its pretty bare right now. the studs of course show and we have peg board on on wall, and a potting bench. When we get ready to fix it up we will tear all that out. I do like the walls bare. I have been saving pics of some of your shops to show Mike. I want it "old shed" like. It has a cement floor, not sure what I want to do with that? The third photo is a Santa I bought from Country Sampler with my prize money. Well better go and get something done. Have a great Sunday!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dried Sunflowers

Good Evening Ladies,

You know come along Thursday and I haven't read everyone's post I tell myself, Ok, I'm going to sit down at that computer and spend the evening reading and it just doesn't happen. Here it is Sunday evening and I still haven't caught up with everyone. I hate that. I need a longer weekend! i have been working on stuff for the Christmas Craft show Dec. 6th. I have never done this before, and of course I'm nervous. I will have a booth 10 ft x10 ft. with two tables. I'm hoping to have a screen door or window on legs to showcase some things. We can sit up the night before! I don't know if I have to much or not enough. If I have made things that wont sell or will I sell out and should have made more? Ill make myself silly before this is over. i did read in a blog site where she had a harvest sale in her yard. I like the sound of that idea. maybe I could do that next yr! i guess i will just keep working on things until the date. The first photo is of some sunflowers I "found". Most of them were dried up but some I have hanging on my back porch drying. Today I sprayed some with a matte spray to protect them. i put some in a big jar and made a label "Kansas Harvest Sunflowers" I painted the lid black, Ill have to post that. i can see some in a wreath or on a shelf or in an old bowl. The second photo is of some of my tag sale finds sat. morning. The two crocks I pd. 4.00 each, the ladders were .75 each, the little stools were 1.00 each, one is black but I might prim that other black also. The galvanized tub i bought at my favorite antique place, pd. 6.00 for it. really was to high but I liked the shape. I put it on my bathroom wall. I will have to post that too. Well its late and I need to get up early tomorrow for school. The week of the 20th is Neewollah. we don't have school on the 23-24th. I will try to get photos of the festivities and post them. have a great week everyone.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Morning Treasures

Hi ladies, the hubby and I hit the neighboring town of Caney and found these goodies this morning. We actually woke up to thunder and rain so we got a late start. The old bicycle was worth the trip. He wanted $25.00, now to know my husband! He will never pay full price for anything. And me,well I don't often haggel with anyones price. So I tell Mike I would pay $15.00 for the bike so Mike offers $10.00. The guy says, take it home!! I placed it by the playhouse for now. The old water cooler and galvanized tub, along with two brand new wooden cutting boards I paid $ 1.50 for all 4 items. I had been looking for a couple old metal chairs to paint on. i had seen two at a sale today but we didnt go back. I get home this morning and these two old chairs are sitting on my deck. I still dont know who they are from? Could be a girl from work. I will find out Monday. I want to paint on them! The second photo is of the two cutting boards. I will post what I have done with them later. The small old galvanized pan came from my neighbors rummage sale today. We stopped by a flea market on the way home and I found the two old tins. the two bottles, I want to make labels for. the old crock I pd. .25 cents, and the 10 zinc lids I pd. $5.00. All in all it was a great day! Then my cousin Towanna came over to show her friend my shutters in my living rm. and I showed her my witch hat on the spring. She mentioned she had an old scrap pile at her house with an old mattress spring in it to be hauled away. I made a bee line out there and salvaged 8 springs!! She will call me sometimes to look through her burn pile. Its so true, one womens junk is another womens treasure!!!!! Well tomorrow I want to chalk board paint something i bought at a tag sale.. I will try to post that too. I am at or almost at 50 post. Another 50 and I will have to have my first giveaway!! You ladies have a great Sunday tomorrow!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Decorating

Hi girls, just a few photos of some of my fall decorating outside. It still can get pretty warm through the day here in Kansas. Our evenings are cool. My ferns are loving it as well as the mums. There are a slug of tag sales in the paper for Sat. morning. Even a small town north of here is having city wide. The hubby and I plan to be there. Our annual Neewollah is about two weeks away. The flags are up on the street and the ticket sales to the events have started. Ill post some later. Have a great weekend. My daughter is needing the computer for a school project.