Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Weekend at Green Acers!

Ok, last weekend we had a family reunion on my moms side of the family. Now she is the youngest of 16. Granted not many of her siblings left, but this has left me with tons and tons of relatives. We try to get together once a yr. at differant locations. Music and food are a big part of our family. Lets start with the food. You never leave our reunions hungry. We can get up from a meal and it looks like the next bunch could come in to eat. the girls like to cook. this day we had smoked ribs, quail, chicken, brisket and even smoked bologna! Cornbread, salads and fried potatoes to die for. I mean die for, those fried potatoes could hav been on the desert table!! Speaking of the desert table. It must have had 20 items on it!! We love our sweets. The next photo is dear cousin Kathy! whom by the way just turned the big 50!!!! Happy Birthday cousin Kathy! This is her interpation of "Craft Time" or how to repurpose a solo dixie cup in to a octopus, I think she said! (Sorry I downloaded her twice, but after all she is 50) The next two pics are of my daughter Taylor and niece Brooke along with thier cousins, sisters Jaylah and Joee, and yes the mutton bust'in I was telling you about. Well this little guy was the first to try mutton bustin, but seconds acfter this phot was taken, that sweet little soft sheep, dropped the little guy and stoppled his cute little face. Well needless to say the girls where going to have none of that! We like our faces to much.

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