Saturday, September 13, 2008

50 yrs. of Accumulation

50 yrs. of accumulation, thats what the add said. it was raining this morning and i only wanted to hit one tag sale in the paper. 5o yrs of accumulation, i love those. its where the people were moving and wanted to sell everything cheap. there was a car trailor backed into an old shed and you made him an offer on any of it, anything in the garage. mike first found the old galvinized tubs 1.oo each, i took 6 of them. the old red step stool he said his wife would have to price. as i was walking in the house, which was full of things, i spied the two old metal chairs,

i asked her about them oh, their pretty beat up, .50cents. i swear to you .50 cents each. i could not pay the women fast enough. she wanted 3.oo for the step chair, which i thought was kind of high, but those metal chairs!! the old enamel table she wanted 3.oo for, but the metal chairs!! the enamelware .50 each and the old lids she threw in. i love the old red dish rack. i will use that on the 4th of july for plates and napkins, but the metal chairs!! Its still pouring down rain, i so want to get outside and place those chairs and tubs around. Tomorrow is to be sunny, we have a family reunion in Oklahoma. I really want to stay at home and craft, but the reunion should be fun. my cousin has a ranch-farm and they have planned lots of activities for the kids, mutton races, horse rides, ect? should be muddy and picture worthy!! i will try to post some. well i have been working on some witch stockings today, they are in the oven now. i will try to post them too. chat at you later!


This Country Girl said...

Oh my goodness, Dawn, you really hit the right one! How lucky! Some people just don't realize what they have! :)

Congratulations and have fun decorating with them!


pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi Dawn you have been gathering bargins again.I hope Sunday will be sunny so i can get my fix of car booting.Sorry i have not been posting comments been busy working.Take care ~Kate~

basketsnprims said...

Wow, Dawn! I would love to have a couple of those old metal chairs. They are just about impossible to dind. You hit the jackpot today.


simple~needs said...

girl. ypou made out !! those chairs are high dollar on ebay!!
i love it all!!

Shari Kraft said...

Just look at all this fun stuff!

Cindy B said...

Love thos eold metal chirs..saw a gal hand paint them with floral design and small verse once..adorable!

Jo-Anne said...

Oh my goodness! That is a FUN tag sale!! They don't have anything like that here in AZ!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
(The toaster cozy is open in the back and it just slides in front and over the toaster. I love it!)

Stephanie said...

You hit the JACKPOT! WOW!!!
Have fun playing with all that!

Merrie. said...

you sure hit the jackpot on this one!!!

Back in the Day said...

You lucky rascal! My daughter had a pageant today so I didn't get to go to any yard sales. As I was driving to the school, I seen a few signs and was almost tempted to stop! I love all of your finds! Can't wait to see where you put them!

Also, love the laundry room pics too!

Leslie said...

Wow! You found an AWESOME sale and great bargains. Sounds like a great day!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

That couple didn't have a clue on the treasures they had!!
Great finds, you lucky girl!!

Rosemary said...

Wow Dawn! I am shopping with you next time!

You have won an award! Go to my blog to claim it!


Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

My Oh My...what a lucky gal you were!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Don't you just love those kind of sales? It always make you feel so good especially when the prices are great too!
I didn't make the pumpkins that are next to the Boo blocks I got those at The Country Store on sale last year:)

Raggedy Angel said...

Wow that was quite a sale! I am loving it all! Beth

This Country Girl said...

Hi Dawn,

Come on over to my've been tagged AND awarded! :)


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh my, those were the finds of the century! I can only imagine the fun you're going to have decorating with those treasures.
So happy for you!


Nita Jo said...

What a deal you got! Those chairs were practically a steal! I have some in my yard. I love the step stool! My grandma had a similar one where the seat lifted up and the little ones could sit on the step like a booster seat, just the right height at the table.
What fun finds!

Nita Jo