Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dads Favorite Hobby

Hi everyone, well back to work tomorrow. It was a beautiful weekend though. Dad did begin to paint their house. They chose a cafe cream with white trim. My folks live in a log house. Its been red and blue and now cafe cream. His plan is to paint one side every week. His cars keep him busy. Both my parents retired the same day 9 yrs ago. My mom was a hair stylist for 30 some yrs. and my dad is a welder. He keeps busy in the garage customizing cars. He tries to build and sell one a yr. This is the one he just finished up and as you can see he has one already started. My husband and brother also have the "custom bug" they also share the hobby. Ill have to post our car and garage sometime. The neighbors refer to Mikes garage as the (toolshmahall) Well I had better turn in for the night. Everyone have a great Monday. Ive got a crate of Carmel apples to take to school tomorrow. Thanks Pickled Peppers Patch!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Harvest Treasures

Good morning ladies, It is a beautiful crisp fall morning. The hubby and I have been out tag saling today. There are still lots of goodies to be gotten out there. My plans today are to mow, once the dew dries and Mom just called and Dad is painting the house and needs my option on trim color. Maybe Ill take my camera an post some of his cars he builds. My first pic is of all my goodies. Found another crate and a bottle crate along with the apple sign, gave $5.00 for those. I love the apple sign, especially this time of the yr. I got a little red cow bell, I thought was precious. A ladel, jar and galvanized tin for .50. The greenery and basket for $3.00 My favorite find today was the old milk can. I guess that's what it is? I love its shape, Ill have to find a place for it inside! She wanted $8.00 and I gave her $5.00. Ive been working on more samplers. Got an order from my cousin, she wants two that say Nana Loves You to The Moon and Back for her two granddaughters for Christmas. One of my favorite samplers has been the Black Crow Woolin Mill frame. I like that one. Well better get something done today. The weekends go by so fast, why can't my work day go as fast??

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Hello Ladies, I found the tutorial on the Carmel apples and ran to the $ tree. It only took a few minutes to make them and they look so real. I just picked up my daughter from volleyball and on the way home I said your going to love what I made tonight. She ran in and said Yum!! I said don't touch it, its not real and their wet! I'm going back out tomorrow and buy up the rest of them. I also bought some pomegranates, don't they look real! i took my goodies to school and sold all 10 witch hats with 3 more orders and 3 of my stockings and almost all of my pumpkin baskets. The teachers really like my stuff when i bring it in. I took a pic of the chalk board I have hanging on my upstairs doorway. I found 3 of these at a tag sale this summer, and the last pic is of a large frame I found. I want to hang it on the wall with a primitive doll inside of it, but I'm running out of wall space. well just a quick post for today. Its late, but I just watched the 2 hr. of Grays Anatomy and I'm still wired. Well have a great Friday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Goodies!

Hello everyone, boy the weather has been beautiful here. Fall is in the air. I put out a few pumpkins yesterday, while I had some time. Ill have to post those soon. I've been busily working most of my evening getting some things ready to take to school to sell. The girls have been asking if I was going to make anything for fall? I said Wednesday! Ive made 5 sets of witch stockings and 10 witch hats, the pattern is from Becky @ Tennessee Ridge Primitives. The little baskets I painted up and added some pumpkins and the jack o lantern with the cute hat is something I ordered from my Country Sampler Prize money. He will have to go near my fireplace! Well just had to take a minute to share. Off to make dinner for the family. Just not enough hrs in the day. talk with you later, thanks for visiting!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Continuation of Family on the Farm

I still don't know how to download more than 5 pics at a time, so this is the 2nd part of my blog tonight. Anyway, the next few pics. are the dear husband of mine and my sister in law Dana filling their tummies with the yummy food. And my cute niece Chelsea giving us one of her beautiful smiles, (see Chels, I told you you'd be on my blog!) Like I said before, music is a big part of my family. Now not all of us can carry a tune, most can, unfortunately not me. I don't sing. however this cousin can and did. Most of the reunions after the meal, there is a mad dash to the microphone. Whoever gets there first gets the part. The rest of us "Nothing Cousins" just get up to do the dishes. We did have a good time, we laughed all day and love each other alot. Its always good to get together!!

A Weekend at Green Acers!

Ok, last weekend we had a family reunion on my moms side of the family. Now she is the youngest of 16. Granted not many of her siblings left, but this has left me with tons and tons of relatives. We try to get together once a yr. at differant locations. Music and food are a big part of our family. Lets start with the food. You never leave our reunions hungry. We can get up from a meal and it looks like the next bunch could come in to eat. the girls like to cook. this day we had smoked ribs, quail, chicken, brisket and even smoked bologna! Cornbread, salads and fried potatoes to die for. I mean die for, those fried potatoes could hav been on the desert table!! Speaking of the desert table. It must have had 20 items on it!! We love our sweets. The next photo is dear cousin Kathy! whom by the way just turned the big 50!!!! Happy Birthday cousin Kathy! This is her interpation of "Craft Time" or how to repurpose a solo dixie cup in to a octopus, I think she said! (Sorry I downloaded her twice, but after all she is 50) The next two pics are of my daughter Taylor and niece Brooke along with thier cousins, sisters Jaylah and Joee, and yes the mutton bust'in I was telling you about. Well this little guy was the first to try mutton bustin, but seconds acfter this phot was taken, that sweet little soft sheep, dropped the little guy and stoppled his cute little face. Well needless to say the girls where going to have none of that! We like our faces to much.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

50 yrs. of Accumulation

50 yrs. of accumulation, thats what the add said. it was raining this morning and i only wanted to hit one tag sale in the paper. 5o yrs of accumulation, i love those. its where the people were moving and wanted to sell everything cheap. there was a car trailor backed into an old shed and you made him an offer on any of it, anything in the garage. mike first found the old galvinized tubs 1.oo each, i took 6 of them. the old red step stool he said his wife would have to price. as i was walking in the house, which was full of things, i spied the two old metal chairs,

i asked her about them oh, their pretty beat up, .50cents. i swear to you .50 cents each. i could not pay the women fast enough. she wanted 3.oo for the step chair, which i thought was kind of high, but those metal chairs!! the old enamel table she wanted 3.oo for, but the metal chairs!! the enamelware .50 each and the old lids she threw in. i love the old red dish rack. i will use that on the 4th of july for plates and napkins, but the metal chairs!! Its still pouring down rain, i so want to get outside and place those chairs and tubs around. Tomorrow is to be sunny, we have a family reunion in Oklahoma. I really want to stay at home and craft, but the reunion should be fun. my cousin has a ranch-farm and they have planned lots of activities for the kids, mutton races, horse rides, ect? should be muddy and picture worthy!! i will try to post some. well i have been working on some witch stockings today, they are in the oven now. i will try to post them too. chat at you later!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Laundry room pics.

Hi bloggers, I was visiting with Annasam, from Its Harvest Time. She had pie pan tins on a wall and I mentioned my collection of enamelware in my laundry rm. I hope I haven't posted these pics twice. The first one showes my whisk broom valance. I can't take credit for the idea. I found this one in the Junkmarket book, love those books!! A few of the brooms are old and a few are new that I grunged up to look old. Its hard to find old whisk broom, most people just throw them away. Who would think someone like me would want to collect a whisk broom. I had been looking for some all over. New or old, they are even hard to find new. Most little brooms are made of plastic nowadays. I did however find these at an old Alco store, which its hard to find them even in our area! Anyway, I was mentioning once in front of my dad I had been looking at tag sales and in stores for one more whisk broom for my valance collection and he said" Oh, I think I have one of those out in my car under the seat. OMG!! Are you kidding me? And yes, he did! It just finished off my valance perfectly. I love it in my laundry rm too! I have a built in ironing board and over that is a collection of old enamelware washtubs. I have plenty, but it is so hard for me to pass them up. I buy them everytime! i just keep adding them to the wall. I have several washboards and even a couple old sleeve ironing boards on the wall, to the left of the cabniets. My wallpaper looks like old paint chipped wainscoating. I love it. Love the large washtub hanging on the lower part of the wall under the chairail border. Better go for now, its late. Ill try to post more on Sat. its suppose to rain all day. A great day to craft!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bathroom Photos

Hello fellow bloggers, I haven't added a new post for a few days, and really nothing to update. So I thought I might post a few pics of my main bath. Its one of the few rooms that I haven't painted a bolder color. Its still cream, but about a yr. ago I tried to age the paint by ragging on some glaze. I finished up and the hubby said it didn't look any different. We will probably be remodeling in the next few yrs. in here. I would like to tile the shower and floor. I'd like to use an unusual sink, like an old washtub or something repurposed. I'd like to use some window frames with mirrors over the sink. Anyway, I've tried to bring in some of my galvanized buckets and old washtubs. Yes, that is a hay hook for a towel rack. That was the husbands idea. Today was my moms birthday and we went over and had ice cream and cake out on her deck. I brought the cake, my SIL brought the ice cream. Well I had better go. I have to get up at 6am for school tomorrow. Where did my weekend go? Have a great week ladies!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'll Get You My Pretty!

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. Ladies, I recieved my witches hat from Ann-Marie today in the mail! I love it. I haven't as of yet started decorating for fall offically. But i just love it and can't wait to show it off. It will be one of my favorite fall pieces! We here in Independence have a Halloween week long celebration called Neewollah! (halloween spelled backwards) since its beginnings in 1919. We have a large play production put on by local talents, a week long carnival, food venders, a different national known singing talent puts on a Sat. evening concert, in the past Roy Clark, Oak Ridge Boys, Patty Loveless, Nitty Griity Dirt Bang, we crown a local high school senior as Queen Neelah! a doodah parade on Wed. night. ( mainly adults, local business employees) Fri. after school we have a kiddies parade where all the children dress up in costumes and sometimes elaborate floats. And then on Sat. is the big grand parade, where we usually have 100,000 people attend from all over everywhere. This coming from a community of 10,000. So halloween is a grand time here in Independence. I will have to sent photos of this yrs. events. Well I had better get the girls to dance class. Have a great week!