Saturday, August 9, 2008

I know You ladies are thinking what does she do with all this stuff? I wonder that myself sometimes. But, here is what I found this morning at tag sales. The 2 big round boxes I will paint up to sale, the frame I will make up a sampler for, the enamelware, well I told you I can't pass that up. The rolling pin, I think I will paint the handles black. The jar I can prime up. I have been grunging more jars. The photo of the stuff on the table is stuff I either need to decide to diplay somewhere or decorate and sell. Its rainy today, so maybe I can get some of it put away. My brother came over the other day, he is building a new deck on his house and he comes over to measure every once in awhile and the other day he said "this place looks like a flea market" I took that as a compliment!! (he didnt mean it as a compliment). Well I had better get busy. The hubby promised to be home early so we can go to Lowes and Hobby Lobby tonight in the bigger town an hr away. Have a great Sat. puttering around!!


This Country Girl said...


I'm drooling over your finds...but yes, I was wondering where you would put it all! You have great ideas for how to repurpose it all!

I laughed at the promise (and looking forward to) of going to Lowe's & Hobby Lobby! Joy, our daughter, hates to hear us say Lowe's because she knows we can be in there for hours. We actually go there on dates, how sad is that? Love home improvement stores!

Have fun at Lowe's & Hobby Lobby!


Dawn said...

Tammy, our daughter Taylor is the same way. Tonight on the way down there, she asked where we were going and I said Lowes. Uhhh, she said, that takes to long! She wanted the go cart rides, but sadley it was raining. We had to buy a new door lock. I went with brushed black. The rest of my door knobs are gold, but as I need new I will replace them with black. Thanks for visiting, Dawn

pinetrees on the moor said...

Dawn, I thought i was bad but i think your are must tell my friend Diane to check out your site she has just started her on blog its myprimitivestuff,she is the one that got me started on prims.Its been pouring rain for the past 2days now so car boot sale today,not that i need anything but there might have been something, well never mind there is always next week.Could you please tell me what a tag sale is i am not sure on that one.Take care~Kate~

Stephanie said...

I dont even know where to begin .... I want all that stuff but dont know where I would put it :) LOL
Sometimes I just like to buy things just incase in the future I have a plan for it!!

Have a great day and have fun !

This simple Life said...

You have got some great stuff. I wanna go yard sailing at your house.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will adding you to my list.

Kindra said...

I sure like your goodies! Can't wait to see some of them transformed prim!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Wow! I scoured the photo and could not find a thing that I could have passed up either. You are truly a master treasure hunter.

Love the compliment too!


Katy said...

WOW!!! You have a TON of great stuff in both those pics!!!!