Thursday, August 14, 2008

The First Day of School

Well girls I made it through the first day of school. I guess Ill go back tomorrow. We have 14 little ones in our room. Thats 14 special needs. Its crazy, but it usually is. No one knows yet to sit in thier chairs, may of them are one on one kids. It was a busy day. Here is a picture of Taylor's first day of 8th grade. Her Dad has taken her every yr. her first day except today he was out of town for a meeting. He emailed her and texted her tho. He is such a good daddy! Im also loading a couple of old primer reading books I have acquired. I saw these and instantly recognized them from when I was in school. I so remember the up up and way book! Well I came home on my lunch hr and tried to read a few blogs. Now the hubby wants to get on ebay, so I had better go Ive got some sampler work I could be doing while the Olympics are on. Have a great Friday!


This Country Girl said...

What a neat tradition, Dawn...getting a picture every first day of school!

So you teach a special needs preschool?

~ Tammy ~

Raggedy Angel said...

Taylor is a preety girl, my baby is going to 7th grade. OK it is time for you and hubby to get seperate computers!LOL,Beth

Dawn Of The Forgotten Barn said...

Good Morning Dawn!
I finally got to your blog here, took me long enough eh!?...thanks for your wonderful comments on mine! Yours is too cool, I love all your TREASURES you are able to find, wish I could be that lucky, not much is around here. Your porch is beautiful and looks oh so realzing, if I had that I would probably be out there all day drinking my coffee and not getting a dern thing done!!
Keep up the great work!
The Forgotten Barn

Kindra said...

We have that same Jack and Janet book! It was my mom's when she was little. My 4 year old learned how to read with that book when he was 3. So that book is so special to me. :)