Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Hi everyone, I went to a few tag sales this am. Nothing much to speak of. Yesterday on my lunch break I found a couple of enamelware tubs and a few pie pans. Im headed to Hobby Lobby if I can get the teenager out of the shower. Someone tell me why they have to take such a loooong shower? I need some supplies to get me through the Labor Day Weekend. i have been finishing up a few projects I am downloading.

The first few are of some barnwood I had and I saw these somewhere and thought I could sell some. I used and old metal door handle under the material to loop it over and on the rest I used some bailing wire. I added some old grunged labels and a few goodies. Apples, buttons, clothespin, stars and hearts. I like them well enough. The two crocks I found at tag sales and I added old labels. I like them well enough I might keep them! The jars, Im about sick of making. I have black beans, red beans, peas, birdseed, and popcorn. I hope they sell OK. I have been busy, but my tag sale pile doesn't look any smaller. I have heard the blow dryer shut off, maybe she is done! Im off to Hobby Lobby and Lowes. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best Friends

Hi Ladies, just taking a minute to post a photo of my daughter Taylor and one of her best friends. They started preschool together and are still best friends. Today after volleyball practice they spent some time together. Girls at 13 can be so crazy and LOUD~! I noticed the photo behind the girls and thought I would show that. i took this in 2007 out in our yard. We had a terrible ice storm and the yard was an ice rink. Taylor put in ice skates and started at the edge of our house and skated down to the road. It was actually frozen sleet. It was crazy. But I took the photo out to Walmart on my digital and the check out girl tried to tell me she could not print this because it was a professional photo. No, I took this. They let me copy it finally when I showed them my memory card. I just love the photo!~! Well the man just got home and dinner is a waitin. Have a great evening.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rondells Giveaway

Hey Ladies, if you haven't checked it out yet. Rondell from Tomatoe Creek Prims is having a 100th blog giveaway. Just leave her a comment and you are entered! Good luck~ Dawn

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Locker Repurpose

Good afternoon, I'm taking a quick moment to post Taylor's new locker storing her TV. We just moved it in her room and she is in there cleaning! Yea! I love the hooks on the side for her robe and purses. She has her DVD player and alarm clock, magazines and tapes. It turned out pretty cool for $5.00 and some paint! On to more crafting! have a great Sunday!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

A few things Iv'e been working on.

Hi girls, Its Saturday night and Im still up. I have been tweeking my pumpkins I made. I ran across another pattern and they had used leaves and wire for the vines. I played around and am happy with them. I have been working on a few small samplers. I hit some sales today and found some old frames I can prim and tonight I started on another sampler project. My neighbors on both sides of my called today and had found a few treasures for me on their outings. A couple of jars and a grater and a couple of frames! I have painted the old blue locker I had found at a tag sale. I painted it white and I plan on bringing it into my daughters room for her TV and stuff. I hope tomorrow to have a photo to show you all. I bought some felt and fleece today at Hobby Lobby to try my hand at some candle huggers. My Daughter had a school assignment where she has to make a map of her route from her home to school. So this afternoon I drove her around taking photos of landmarks on our path to school each day. It seems I didn't get much done this afternoon. Tomorrows a new day! Thanks for visiting, have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Few Winter Friends

Hi Ladies, I haven't posted all week, but I have had time to read a few blogs. I come home on my lunch break and real and steal a little time in the evening.

I'm showing some of my new friends I ordered from my Country Sampler prize money. I have several of these characters already in my Christmas decor. I saw these in the magazine and had to have them. Last Christmas our home was on a Christmas Home Tour. Tickets were sold from a local sorority as a fundraiser. Several homes were on tour one Sun. afternoon and the sorority members would be at the homes to showcase the selected homes. So needless to say, last yr. after Halloween i started putting up Christmas trees. I had one in almost every room in the house. Most of my trees were decorated with old grungy tags, rusty bells and stars. I will have to dig out some photos and download them for you. But these little guys will be just the perfect addition to this yrs. decor! The school wk. is almost over, Taylor is at volleyball practice, will be needing to leave here in a min. to get her. In the evenings I have been working on a few jars. I need to stop with the jars. I know I have made over 25 grungy jars. I have been working on some small samplers. I'm trying to get enough made up for that Christmas Fair we have here. It must be early Nov. I am wanting to make a few halloween things, but I'm continuing with the primitive look and not so much anything seasonal yet. Last yr. I made some wreaths with rusty jingle bells and tags and sold them @ school. I have a few of those left. Well, I had better get to the school to pick up Taylor. You ladies have a great rest of the week.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tag Sale Finds

Good Sat. morning everyone, I had no intentionsof going tag saleing today, not many of them advertised and I wanted to sleep in. Well I got up around 8 and took my recycle things to the center and on the way back hit a sale and bought some wooden spools to fill some jars with. Them saw another one andthey didnt have anything but thier nieghbors had 5 sets of old shutters in the trash. They said I could have them!! Got home and thought I had done well for the day. The hubby called and said Oh you should see what I have for you. He pulled in the driveway with the old mustard glider, the galvanized washtub, the 2 enamelware pans,2 old watering cans and several boxes of jars!! I guess Im making more jars for my craft show. Fri. he came home with the old weather vane. Ive been looking for one all summer to set out in yard. The photo of the fence down happened ealy this morning. Mike was going to work and heard something, a herd of deer where coming through the yard and he must of spooked them and they jumped the splitrail and evidently didn't make it over. He says he can fix it this weekend. The splitfence runs the whole length of teh side yard behind the pool. One yr. he ask what I wanted for my birthday and I said a splitrail fence! The primitve doll is something I got this week from some of my prize money from the Country Sampler Contest I won. I orderd some fall things, Ill update you on and them I waiting to sped the ramainder on Christams stuff! The sampler I have just finished this wk. I had bought the frame at a tag sale, painted it up and did the sampler. I got the saying off the site. I like it so much I might keep it. Well its a beautiful Sat. day and cool, i have stuff to do inside, but the outside is pulling me that way. I might go out and find a place for my new glider. You ladies have a great weekend!~

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The First Day of School

Well girls I made it through the first day of school. I guess Ill go back tomorrow. We have 14 little ones in our room. Thats 14 special needs. Its crazy, but it usually is. No one knows yet to sit in thier chairs, may of them are one on one kids. It was a busy day. Here is a picture of Taylor's first day of 8th grade. Her Dad has taken her every yr. her first day except today he was out of town for a meeting. He emailed her and texted her tho. He is such a good daddy! Im also loading a couple of old primer reading books I have acquired. I saw these and instantly recognized them from when I was in school. I so remember the up up and way book! Well I came home on my lunch hr and tried to read a few blogs. Now the hubby wants to get on ebay, so I had better go Ive got some sampler work I could be doing while the Olympics are on. Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Watcha Workin On Wednesday

Good morning ladies, I stayed up late last night working on these grungy pumpkins. I got the idea from Jill at The Fruit of her Hands. They don't look as good as hers. She used real pumpkin stems, cool hu? I don't usually have any pumpkin stems laying around. If you've not checked her site out, do you will love it. I stayed up working but also watched the Olympics, love watching history be made by that Micheal Phelps! the other few photos is of areas of my deck. I was out taking a photo of my pumpkins this morning and a hummingbird showed up to eat. We have about 3 of them regularly. If you are sitting very quietly at the deck table and chairs they will come up and eat with you there! I have the feeders at my kitchen window. Well tomorrow is our first day of school. No more staying up late, sleeping in late. I'm a night person. I can get more done after everyone goes to bed. I will have to catch up with everyone after school now. It's cool this morning. I have the windows open and the attic fan on. it will get warmer this pm tho. well have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Primitive Silverware

Good Tuesday to all of you ladies, I didn't have any new photos to post so I thought I might post a pic of some primitive silverware I made up this summer. I had fun finding the old silverware at rummage sales. Its been a bit difficult finding more. I have found new but not had good luck aging it. The new ware doesn't want to rust up, any ideas? On Monday Mom, Taylor and I went to the movies to see Mamma Mia!!! Great great movie. Love Merle Streep. The songs were great to hear, hadn't heard some for yrs. and whats funny is you hear the tune and sudddenly you are singing all the words! Go see it if you get a chance. It's definitely a chick flick. Don't think the hubbies would enjoy it much. School starts on Thursday. Taylor will be in 8th grade. The big dog in middle high this yr. Going to lunch with Mom today at Pizza Hut. The weather has turned off cool. Finished my library book which I have had for honest to goodness, 6wks. I love to read but since finding this blog that takes up my free time. Well have a great Tuesday to you all.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I know You ladies are thinking what does she do with all this stuff? I wonder that myself sometimes. But, here is what I found this morning at tag sales. The 2 big round boxes I will paint up to sale, the frame I will make up a sampler for, the enamelware, well I told you I can't pass that up. The rolling pin, I think I will paint the handles black. The jar I can prime up. I have been grunging more jars. The photo of the stuff on the table is stuff I either need to decide to diplay somewhere or decorate and sell. Its rainy today, so maybe I can get some of it put away. My brother came over the other day, he is building a new deck on his house and he comes over to measure every once in awhile and the other day he said "this place looks like a flea market" I took that as a compliment!! (he didnt mean it as a compliment). Well I had better get busy. The hubby promised to be home early so we can go to Lowes and Hobby Lobby tonight in the bigger town an hr away. Have a great Sat. puttering around!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Flea Market Finds

Yesterday Mom Taylor and I went shopping and ran across a few flea markets. One of my favorites I found this old enamelware pot, I thought a Christmas tree will look good in it. I can never pass up a paper caddy wire basket, I have them all over my house. Some silverware Im making a project with and an old black enamelware lid. This morning I hit a few tag sales, nothing much to speak of but there are several more at different times of the day I may try to hit. This morning was beautiful and cool. I've got my doors open, love those mornings. Yesterday we hit a country store that was cute. The primitives were packed from ceiling to floor. I love the little store, she's a bit high for me, but darling stuff. talked to her a bit about opening a store. Sadly, she was not incouraging about it. She said she sits most of the day and watches movies. She has several other crafters things in her shop and gets 10% of that, enought to pay her rent and utilities, but otherwise she wasn't very incouraging. She suggested, as many has that I should start with a booth at a show or in a flea market. We do have a Christmas Craft Fair here in my town. I could have enough made up to stock a booth. I might think of that to start with. Well I need to go buy groceries, hit old Wally-World. Need a few canning jar lids and some more coffee, I have been grunging everything in sight. Enjoy your Friday!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New things!

Hi ladies, Inservice is over! Yea! I came home and checked out the blogs. In the mail today I

received my treenware big scoop I had ordered from my prize money from Country Sampler. Im not sure where I will put it yet. Then the framed sampler was a frame I got at a tag sale last weekend. I stitched up the sampler and glued on a rusty star. I love it, dont yet know where I will put that either. I just loved the looks of the old frame! Talyor is at the pool, we have been vieing over the computer this summer. My blogs, her games and friends. And in the evening my husband and his ebay! During my meetings today, I sat there thinking of all the things I could be doing and making if I were at home. Only 1 more wk. until school starts. Ive got several primitive barnwood samplers I have finished this summer. I will have to show you those some day soon. Better get supper going, have a great evening ladies.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Well, I worked on a few jars today, took a quick pic. before going to bed. I have inservice for school the next two days. Im not ready to go back to work. The summer went to fast. I have enjoyed this blog so much and I could spend hrs. on it. I told my mom I don't have time to go back to work, I have a blog now. This blog has inspired me and given me so many primitve ideas I have stayed busy all summer. Thanks ladies!

Yes that is my kitty laying next to my jars. I was working on a sampler this evening and she sits next to me trying to catch the thread! Note the old screen door leading to my laundry rm. That was the original screen on the old house that stood here when we bought the place. Enjoy your Tues. Dawn

More Goodies!!

Hi everyone, had a busy weekend. Hubby and I hit a few tag sales Sat. Did pretty good. I love the little frame. Its really old, Im working on a saying for that. Love the feed sack. Ive been buying up a lot of the graters, Im going to wrap grunged cloth around those. In the second photo my favorite is the big shelf. She wanted 25.00 , my husband said offer her 10.00, now Im not to great at bargining, he is. I offered her 20.00, she took it right of. I should have offered 15.00 anyway I love it and it will go perfect above my bed. Im going to try to work on that today, maybe Ill post it later. The old yellow bowl I pd. 1.00 for and the spoons I took home and painted up to look old. The birdhouse I placed on a porchpost in my kitchen. Sunday afternoon I worked on a few jars. Ill finish those up this morning and post them. Yesterday evening I had homemade ice cream and mom brought a blackberry cobbler for my husbands birthday. The nieces and Taylor swam in the pool. Mom has a blackberry bush outside her backdoor she gets a few off each night. Well better go bet busy. You ladies have a great day.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Tag Sale Finds

Wow, I had a great morning at tag sales today. Most of this came from one lady. I have been to her

sales before and she always has tons of stuff, don't you wonder where people keep this stuff during the yr? I got 3 old boxes, the crock I love, the graters I will decorate with material. Ive seen the old stainer, on top of the box used with a christmas tree. Ill find a cute place for the old birdhouse and galvinized pan, I have a collection in my laundry rm. I will have to show everyone that one of these days. Well now to find a place for all of this. have a great day, its already so humid outside,you can hardly breathe. Thanks for visiting!