Friday, July 25, 2008

Yard Photos

Hello everyone, My photos today are of the outside of my house. This first one is the front porch. I enjoyed decorating for the fourth of july. I love the old sleds Ive found at yard sales. The tea stained flags I won. I entered the Country Sampler Hidden Easter Egg Contest this past spring and I WON the grandprize, $1000.00 worth of merchandise from the websit. Ive not spent all of it waiting for Christmas stuff to be added. but the flags came from the website. Ill share so of my other purchases with you all.


Raggedy Angel said...

Oh, I love your yard, I want the boat.
As for your question...go to your layout page I use the blogroll because it shows when people update their blogs... You need to put in the url for each website the easiest way to get this is to go to that blog this info will be up in your browser bar click on it will highlight click your right mouse and click on copy...go back to your blog roll click on add new blog a box will come up... delete that http that is there
click in the box, right click hit paste, then click the add button, save button and it will be clickable on your blog page, do this for each blog (if there is an easier way IDK but this way I get the links right. You can minimize your page and come back to each time. It is not as hard as it sounds. I hope I helped, Lord knows I have learned alot it the last asking questions.

This Country Girl said...


Your home looks so cozy and inviting! You definitely have a knack for decorating! I love it!

And YOU were the lucky winner of the CS contest! I entered too! Have fun spending all that $1000! That's so neat...that you won!

Did you figure out how to get the pictures moved down on a post? Do you know how to highlight over a sentence (where you click and drag the mouse over the part you want to move?) Well you do that, then right click and you can choose copy. Then move your cursor down to where you want it (as in the code for your pictures) and then right click again, this time choosing paste...and voila...there the picture will be moved...that's what I meant by copying and pasting. You'll learn alot by playing around. In the meantime, keep those pictures coming...I'm loving it!


Kindra said...

I'm sure enjoying your Blog, Dawn! I can't believe you won a $1000 shopping spree with Country Sampler. I always enter, I thought no one won those things. :) Your yard, porch and pool look very nice!