Friday, July 25, 2008

These next few photos are of our pool. i knid of have an old fishing shack theme going. I have collected old minnow buckets, oars, nets,ect. We cane back from a vacation in Grove Ok. one day with the idea of the corner shade area. So for the remainder of our time off, we built the roof. I have been looking for a boat all summer. Asking even total strangers, driving around on Sun. evenings in rural areas looking for an old junk rowboat and on the 4th of July cookout. I was mentioningit to my sil and her dad spoke up and said Oh i have one out behind my barn. OMG! we went right out there the next night and its just what I wanted!! I love it and get lots of comments on it. I love that we used the old pulleys to look like we secured it to the railings. I used old pulleys on the deck to and ole lanterns. We really enjoy it. Its always full of my daughter and her friends. Its fun at night to go out there, turn on the lights and just read!

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This Country Girl said...


What a great place you made around your pool! I would have never thought of the fishing shack theme! It looks great! I bet it is fun to hang out "out there"! I love it!

Have a great weekend!