Friday, July 25, 2008

The next three pics are of yard decorations. I bought these vintage bikes at yard sales. The green one I pd. $2.oo for. I couldnt get my money out fast enough and load it up! I like to decoratedin small setting in my yar. My hubby one day brought home a pickup load of old fencing someone was going to pitch. Ive placed it around the yard. I live on a main highway on the edge of town. We get a lot of traffic, have had people stop to take photos and even had a girl wanted to have her senior pics taken out by one of my swings. One time a women stopped and asked to take pics of my yard for her photography class. She spent about 2 hrs. out there and a few days later Ifound a picture of one of my bikes and old chair she had framed and left with an old tool box. I couldnt believe it!


This Country Girl said...


I would definitely slow down straining my neck to peek at all the goodies in your yard! It's a feast for the eyes! I love it all! I do like your bike and how you used the old windows!


Stephanie said...

Wow what amazing finds, bikes for $2.00, what a steal. That's great treasure hunting for sure!!