Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello everyone, have been out of town all day. Took my daughter for her school sports physical and did a little shopping. Did you know you cant get out of American Eagle with a back pack and 2 shirts for under 75.00! Well, here is a project I finished. I had bought 3 wooden paddles and this box at a tag sale and I have primed them. I think they turned out cute. Than I found a couple of graters and wrapped grunged material and string with a couple tags. They were fun to make!!

Tomorrow the hubby and I leave at 3am to drive straight through to Arlington Tx. to pick up a suburban he bought. I follow him back. Yea, a 10, 11 hr drive, there and back, not looking forward to that. Do pray we have a safe trip. Hate being out on the highways. He promised interstate there and backroads back, might find a flea market or something!! Im hoping! Well have a great evening. Dawn


Raggedy Angel said...

Yes,I do pray you have a safe trip. Get a nap on the way down there...I would. Oh just thinking about having to drive that far makes the back of my neck hurt. But I hope you do find some goodies on the way back...2 car loads!

Stephanie said...

Have a safe trip and I love the new treasures you have here!! Anything black is always my fav :)

This Country Girl said...

Will be praying for you a safe trip there and back!

Those were great finds and you sure made them look great! I love 'em! I can't get enough stars! :)