Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back Porch

This photo is next to my swinging bed. I had to move out some wicker to make room for the bed, but I still have a chair and a swing along with the grill. I saved about 30 window frames from the landfield this summer. Somebody sat them to the curb and I have used them all over my house and yard. I hung a couple inside the screen panels on my porch. I just love them. I even hung one in a tree. I will have to go out and take some of my yard. Im pretty proud of it. Please be patient with me, this blogging is all new to me and Im trying to figure out how to add text to the photo and all. thanks to Tammy from Country girl at Home. I have come this far. Its so fun!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi! I just found your blog at Tiffany's:) I loveeeee that bed, what a cool idea is that! I love to read and that would be such I nice place to relax. Your pics are great and you are doing so well...just keep on practising and you will learn day by day:)
I'll list you under my favs, hope you do the same:)

Kindra said...

Hi Dawn! Welcome to blogging! It's a blast! How far are you from the Nebraska/Kansas border? We're about an hour. We're like next door neighbors. :)

I love that bed in your screened in porch. I would love something like that! I bet that is so relaxing out there. And your home is just perfect. I love all the black furniture.

Keep it coming! I'll be back to visit!

This Country Girl said...


I'm so glad you figured out the picture thing! I love your screened in porch and that swinging bed is awesome! How relaxing that must be and it reminds me of movies I've seen...I can just imagine everyone gathering out there with a glass of lemonade and sharing stories! I just love it!

You'll get better at the blogging thing and you'll figure out bits and pieces as you play around with it. There's really nothing to getting the text around the pics. Just copy and paste the pictures near the text that you want. Sometimes I just upload all the pictures I'm going to use...then while they're uploading, I type my post. Then I copy and paste the pictures around the paragraphs or text that they fit. Does that make sense?

Welcome to blogging's addicting!

This Country Girl said...

I forgot to tell you that I love your old windows too! I have a "thing" for them! I like how you have yours displayed and I'd love to see the one on the tree!


Nita Jo said...
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Nita Jo said...

Hi Dawn! I found your blog while at Country Girl At Home. Looks like you've figured out the pictures. They look wonderful. You have a knack for decorating. I've only blogged a few months... still learning, but it is so much fun.

I will add you to My Favorites so my friends can click on your name and visit your blog!

Oh... deleted my last post as I made a typo. Still learning!

Nitajo (aka Jojo)

Raggedy Angel said...

You have a wonderful blog. Now I want to screen in my back porch. yours looks great! And don't worry you will learn quickly,( I am 42 )and if you ever have a question, just ask....I have ask plenty, and someone is always ready to help!
I am adding you to my blog roll, come see me! Beth