Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back from the Roadtrip

Well, we made it back from the Dallas area, thanks for all your prayers and comments. We stopped at a couple roadside flea markets and tag sales but didnt find anything to drag home. Mike always says that a sign we have to much!! Can you every have to much? We got home to a little summer storm, had a few limbs down. Thats a given at our house, we always have a brush going. I need to start the laundry, enroll the wee one in school today. I have meetings two days next week and school starts August 14. I can remember as a kid it didnt start until after Labor Day. Those days are over. Taylor is ready to be in the midst of her friends again! Well girls have a great day and enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.


Kindra said...

I love the Antique sign! Yeah, it seems like school starts earlier every year. Have a good one!

Raggedy Angel said...

Some body has been playing with their blog....looking good!


Just love your chicken coop and the things you have prim up. Your yard looks so inviting! Come over for a visit some time.

This Country Girl said...


Thanks for your sweet comments today! It sounds like we have so much in common! I already knew I enjoyed your I bet we would love getting together if we lived closer!

Glad you all made it safely back from Dallas! My husband actually flew to that area a couple of years ago to pick up a truck we bought online!

Your blog is looking good! You just have to play with it, don't you?