Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Catching Up

Well, I guess I have been busy. I do have these things to show for. Do you ever find yourself busy all day, but at the day end of the day you have nothing done. Yesterday was that kind of day. I ran a few errands, bought groceries and it was early afternoon already! I did get my Christmas down. I still have a few boxes to carry upstairs. I had intended on leaving up a few trees with just the lights on. I love to have the lights from the trees glowing in the living rm. But once I started hauling it up there I thought Oh well I might as well get it all. I did buy new winter garland on clearance and I redid my mantle, post office box and TV cabinet. So i will leave up some snowmen there. Ive been working on a few stitchery things. The snowmen and word things I will frame, the table mat will go on my coffee table. I have been wanting to make some mats for the end tables and TV cabinet glass shelves. I did finish me first penny rug mats. I'm pretty happy with them. The snowman one took forever. I now know why they are so pricey to buy!!! You appreciate them alot more after making one yourself. i bought a few clothing items of wool yesterday at a goodwill to make more penny mats! Well, I have spent most of the morning catching up on reading your post so I had better get something done elsewhere! Ill be back this afternoon.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day After

Good Morning, Well its the day after, the day after actually! We got up yesterday and went out on our annual search for a bargain. We found plenty. My mom, SIL, her neighbor and myself headed up to our local craft shop for the 1/2 off sale. We stood in line to get in the door for 20min. Got in and found gobs! I found garland and wooden candy canes, and a few ornaments. Then we went on to a shop a few miles away where we found even more. My SIL and I get gift cert. for each other and then spend it at this shop. we agreed we'd do the same next yr. As we loaded our treasures in the back of the suburban we said "Merry Christmas!" There we found more garland, snowmen and Santa's for next yr. We each bought the large swag with the bell. The new sampler pillows came from there too. We then went on to another nearby town and scoured the flea markets. There I found the cute old metal stool for less than 10.00,by the fireplace and my new doll. I love her, she was more than 50% off. I got the old slaw shredded for Christmas. I plan on placing some garland on it and a candle. Ill post later. The last pic is of the girls on Christmas morning. We all get up and meet at mom and dads to open presents and then everyone goes home to put their things away and later met at my house for Christmas dinner. I had about 13 people over. We ate ourselves silly and then settled in for a movie. It was a great day. Its been extremely warm here the past two days. Yesterday it was in the 70's, today is rainy and still pretty warm. Doesn't seem like winter, but Oh it will get cold again! Were driving to the flea market and Nancy spotted an old white porcelain sink in a back yard. we stopped and asked if he wanted to get rid of it? He asked the wife, she had been wanting him to put it in the basement forever. I offered him 10.00 and a buddy behind him said Id ask 50.00 I said no I wouldn't give 50. He said no I think Ill hang onto it. I bet if the buddy hadn't been there we would have brought that home with us! We did have that suburban loaded though! Nancy had bought an old washtub on legs and with all our treasures we loaded down. As we unloaded at Nancy's, her husband Frank said you made one trip with all this? We said yes Frank and what happened in the suburban, stays in the suburban!! It was a fun day. I'm home today to put away somethings. Ill probably put up my ornaments, but keep out the trees and lights and snowmen for awhile! Have a great weekend, I have all next week off for winter break!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas Ladies, Well I think we are the only school still in sessions in Kansas!! A few more hours and I will officially be on Christmas Break!! The kids are bouncing off the walls and we are just watching movies. We will have an all school sing along today @ 1:30. Its cold outside, I'm on my lunch hr. and thought I would post a few pics of things around the house. I made up the old pulley decor on my front door from a picture in a magazine. I looked at that and thought Oh how cute and then I thought oh wait I have one of those out on my porch! The snowman is from my Country Sampler $! The old ice cream maker snowman is a favorite. I turn it around during the rest of the yr. I got him 1/2 price at a shop not far from here. It has a snow ice cream recipe painted on it! Ive been working on a couple penny mats. I finished one last night. Ill post it later. I plan on doing a lot of sampler work over my Christmas break. Better go for now. I want to scan the new post of you all while I still have a few minutes. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy today!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Hi Ladies, it's been awhile. Everyone seems so busy this time of yr. We spent the weekend in Tulsa with my cousin who has had a preemie baby girl. Baby Jasiah Kate is doing better, just wishing her home for Christmas! I have been tweeking my Christmas decor a bit. Adding a small tree here and there. Hobby Lobby had trees half off already, so I brought another pencil tree home to put behind my kitchen table. I bought some wintery woodsy garland to hang from the ladder of enamelware. The cute red canister set I bought at a Alco store. They have the cutest stuff in there. I had seen them but were to pricey, so on Sun. they were half off! Pays to wait. We got sleet last night and its 14 degrees right now, not enough to keep us home from school( darn) I'm on my lunch now. But just enough to make it scary to get out in! well better go. I want to finish reading more of your blogs. Have a great week!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My First Successful Craft Show!

Well Ladies, I did it! My first craft show was held yesterday. I did pretty good. I had lots of great comments on how cute my stuff was. Everyone loved my display of things. I had many other vendors come over and leave with great comments and many bought items from me. Many customers commented mine was their favorite booth!! I set up next to a lovely women who gave me some great pointers and she even bought alot from me. She was demonstrating punch needle and many other stitchery techniques. I set up the night before in our newly remodeled civic center, which helped. I was there the entire hr and half they gave us. Its a lot of work to set up and then tear down, unload at home and put away. I called my husband at 2:00 and said ok come help me get it home. He said you mean you didn't sell it all? No, not all I will have some snowman things to take to school tomorrow to sell, and the rest will go into my shop when I get that done. Another great thing that came out of it was, I was talking with a lady who had crafts made out of barn wood, I told her I was on the look out for some to line my shop walls with. In the course of the day I had two shoppers approach me giving me their phone numbers to tear down one old barn for free and the other had some in her garage all for 25.00 (wide plank) I was thrilled. That's the next fun thing the hubby and I get to do!!!! Well today is our family fun Christmas dinner. There is an RSVP of 88 coming. My mother comes from a family of 16! Not all living now, she being the youngest, but I am practically related to everyone in this small town. Anyway we are having a dinner @ 3:00. My moms family is very musically talented. My mom and her sisters have a small singing group and then there are a few of " us cousins" who do not have a musical bone in our body, we are the ones who after dinner and everyone else is rushing for the mics and instruments head to the table kitchen to clean up and do dishes. Well one yr another "musically challenged cousin" thought it would be cute for us to start a tradition of the "Nothin Cousins" to sing and have our time at the "mic and stage" so the "Nothin Cousins" are also preforming today our silly song at the dinner. Then on Tues. evening we are having our annual Botts Family Concert at our church which is free to the public. That's when all my musical family members will share their real talents with the community! The offering with be donated to our local food bank . And No! the nothin cousins will not be making an appearance!
My daughter will be playing several pieces on her flute. Well I need to get to the store and get my covered dishes prepared. You ladies have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter Band Concert

Hi Ladies, just a short post tonight before taking the daughter to dance class. last night we attended the winter band concert. the 6-8th grade band preformed. they do improve with age. i'm proud to say my daughter is 1st chair in the flute section, meaning by trying out she received the highest ranking of her instument!! we are very proud of her. she picked up the flute several yrs. ago and was really a natural. she has those long fingers for it! my niece is a 7th grader and also plays the flute she too preformed. they both did a great job. the picture of taylor and her friend whitley, they have been best friends since preschool! its great to have a best friend, she also plays the flute. pictures and ice cream at braums after the program, always! the picture of the canister set is in my Hoosier cabinet. i have made a set to sell at the craft show this sat. and i wanted to take a picture of mine to display with the set i'm selling. i like them! well i had better get going. my husband is pheasant hunting up in western kansas with guys from work for the week, so we stopped by subway for dinner, taylors favorite place to eat! its cold and dreary outside. a good night to set by the fire and sew!!! have a great rest of the week. ill post some pics of my craft show!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Happy Holidays ladies, I'm home today from school starting our Thanksgiving break. Wednesday finds me decorating for Christmas. I've been working a few days on the living and dining rm. Here's a few photos of what I've done.
I'm using two pencil trees this yr. decorating them as one. Many of my ornaments have snowmen with little black hats. Mike found this old hat at a tag sale that looks just like Frosty! I have lots of twinkly lights and greenery everywhere. I've been outside most of the afternoon decorating there. I'll post those later. It must be in the 60's today! Tomorrow we go to my Mom and Dads for Thanksgiving. My brother and his wife and daughters. My SIL's parents come too. She is an only child so her Mom and Dad share all holidays with us. Its nice. They will all come over here for Christmas Dinner. Well I have been sick for a couple days, head cold, Yuck! I go for awhile and then I'm zapped. I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving with their families this weekend. Yes, I too will be out shopping the day after, trying to get those great holiday bargains!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Book Giveaway!

Trudy over at is having a book giveaway. What could be better than cozing up to the fireplace on a snowday from school to read a great book, watch the birds at the feeders and the snow fall!!! I can't wait, Good luck because Iwant to win!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Ok, I've officially started decorating for Christmas! The weather was chilly, I put in a Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CD and I got busy. Just hauling it from upstairs wore me out! I'd take up a load of fall and bring down a tub of Christmas. I buy so many things the day after Christmas then I wrap it up and the next yr. its all new stuff. Last yr. we went to a cute store not far from here the day after Christmas and i spent a couple hundred $ on half price stuff. So this yr. I'm real happy with everything. Last yr. remember I was on the homes tour and I had bought extra stuff then. My daughter says it looks like the craft store in our living rm. Its almost 9:00 pm and the daughter just got off the computer, and my feet hurt so I decided to post a minute and show you the madness. I was at a flea market the other day looking at Yes, more enamelware, I just can't seem to pass that up, I'm not kidding I have way to much of it. But I thought of taking the quilt off the ladder in my dining rm. and hang some enamelware! I might add more later, but i do like the looks of it. My fireplace picture turned out blurry? Ill take another one in the daylight, but I saw on someones blog where they placed picture frames on the fireplace. I found this huge on at a tag sale and haven't found a place for it. I need something in the middle, I had a rusty star up there but needed it in the dining rm. Ill find something. This yr. I'm not using my big tree, instead I'm using two pencil trees. I will decorate them as one. The close up is of the garland I made out of coffee stained muslin rusty pinned together at the ends. Not my idea, a friend Nancy B. thought of it first. Got that put on and tomorrow I can finish the trees. Even Scooter is tired of watching my go around the living rm. ZZZZZZZZZ! Chat with you later, thanks for checking in with me, Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Projects

Good afternoon everyone, I'm home for my lunch break and thought I'd post a few things I've been doing. It's my first show and sometimes you question yourself, do I have enough or do I have to much? Will it sell or will I sell out? I have been doing some runners and candle mats. I love doing candle mats they go so fast. The muslin runner took forever. I also hope everyone appreciates the black as much as I do. We will see. The box of trim is from my cousin. She called one evening and said she had some porch post and trim plus a pile next to her shop. Take what I wanted. Oh my, I think I hauled home 6-8 porch post, several big thick ones, this trim was on either side of the post. I have seen angel wings made out of them. Ill find some use for them. the two pillows I bought at a tag sale this summer. I love the patterns. I will copy those and make some. Just thought I would post while I had a minute. I have loved all the Christmas music on everyone blogs. I go to school humming Christmas tunes. I wore a snowman pin yesterday. It was 70 degrees!!Today it is blustery. I hope to put up more decorations this weekend and I will post that. My cousin brought over her two girls the other day to take Christmas card pics. The fire was going and a few trees are up with just lights. Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Raggedy Angel Giveaway!

is having a great giveaway. Who wouldn't love Gracie? Check it out! She draws the lucky winner on Sunday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday!

Ah, I finally have a moment to participate in a Wed. activity. I have been busy making projects for my craft show coming up in Dec. I made this melting snowman last night. I don't know if I need to stuff him or not? I have also been busy making candle huggers. I have made a couple with matching candle mats. I think they are cute. I will have to add the price of the candle to the item now. I haven't priced anything yet. I made these adorable snowman last yr. and sold the heck out of them at school. Last yr. I just made them in the tea stained sock so this yr. I also made some in plain white. I think they might sell well! I came home for lunch yesterday, turned on a Christmas CD and brought down three pencil trees from the attic. They already had white lights so they look nice in the living rm. I cant decide if I will bring down my big tree or just use my large pencil tree this yr. Last yr was my open house Christmas tour and I had purchased several trees then for that. So I have all this new decoration stuff! So I take a load of fall things up to the attic when I go and bring down Christmas stuff. The attic is my craft rm also. Well gotta go pick up the girl from dance class. Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Favorite Junk Pieces

Hi Girls, Beth over at Olde Tyme Marketplace(Im so sorry I dont know how to add your site so that someone can just click on it from here) can anyone help? had a post to share your favorite junk piece. I said I would share a pic of mine. This is an old post office box from a small town near me. My husband bought it for $5.00 one tag sale. We had been looking for something big to hang behind the sofa, I had imagined a large advertising sign. He came home with this an it was perfect, heavy to hang but perfect. I love to use the mail slots to decorate with. Its a great conversation piece and a great eye catcher. I just love it. Gotta go to work chat at you gals later!